Punjabi Food Festival at Simply Barbeque, Pune from 24th Jan to 3rd Feb 2019

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Celebrating the Punjab’s traditional festival of harvesting with a gastronomical expedition of Amritsar; Simply Barbeque, Pune invites the food lovers to experience the enthusiastic and vibrant colors of Punjab with lip-smacking delicious food in a ‘Punjabi Food Festival’ starting from 24th Jan, 2019 in Pune.

Punjab has always been recognized as the land of cheerfulness and merrymaking, where festivals are celebrated with whole trumpet blast. From Murg Dum Biryani cooked in earthen pots to Moong Dal Halwa, explore the diversity of mouth-watering cuisine at an ongoing festival of Punjabi food. The regular buffet always gives the slight routine to the food you have. Just like Barbeque Nation menu, Simply Barbeque keeps on looming up with some of the fascinating food festivals that helps food explorer to enhance the food varieties of the present diverse culture. This is the time when these food festivals light your dining experience. read more..

Simply Barbeque – the taste that makes taste buds go crazy…

restaurant near me Simply Barbeque is one of the best Multi-cuisine restaurants Pune. It is especially known for its unique style of buffet lunch and dinners. Starting with welcome drinks and starters, the buffet consists of salad, the hot main courses and finally the mouthwatering desserts. The restaurant serves Indian, Continental, Japanese, Asian, Chinese, Grill and Lebanese Cuisines. The dishes served here can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and Non-vegetarians.

Simply Barbeque

Barbeque is the one of the good restaurant; serving best grilled food, providing sun-filled interiors and to add the cherry on the cake; we have light music making your day the most memorable with your beasties. Join us for lively dining experience as the food is prepared live from three interactive show kitchens. read more..

Empty Fridge? Need to head for dinner at 10.00pm in Pune… | Searching for the best restaurant near me???

Simply Barbeque Tired from extra work? Feeling hungry and got no time to manage for your eatery, then this is the place to visit. Wear your midnight dress and the pair of your favorite shoes. Surround yourself to the delicious eateries that is specially cooked to destroy your hunger. If you are at the party with your buddies, you can hit it even better.

Located at chinchwad in Pune, the restaurant has Asian- Italian menu appetizer that includes the main course like Panner Hara Pyaz, Parsale Sauce, Dal Tadka etc, salads, Veg and Non-veg Starters with mouth watering desserts. It’s an unlimited buffet at just 1200 INR for two. It is the pretty good deal and a perfect night out eat at 7.30 pm – 11.00pm. Eating late night is generally not recommended by the doctors, but the food cooked here is grilled in the charcoal of higher quality which keeps the food healthy as the nutrition is not destroyed while cooking. read more..